Aging, stress, sun effects, smoking, air pollution, menopause, many other factors such as accelerating the production of free radicals at the cell level increases the skin wrinkles. Aging is inevitable, but it is in people's hands to reduce and delay its effects.

Botox; It is a medical protein derived from the bacterium "Clostridium botulinum". This protein has actually been used for a long time in the treatment of eye and neurological diseases. In order to remove wrinkles, it has been used safely and successfully in cosmetics for many years.

Botox; It is accepted as a non-surgical cosmetic product that is very successful in removing medium and deep wrinkles.

In 2002, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of cosmetics. So far, only one million applications have been made in the USA. Botox has been evaluated as the ül most popular içinde among the surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed by physicians in 2002 and 2003 by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

It has been used for years in the treatment of eye diseases such as strabismus and in the elimination of spastic muscle problems in neurology.

It is used cosmetically especially for the purpose of reducing skin wrinkles and removing excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) which may be seen more frequently in some people.

Dynamic lines are facial expression lines; during gestures (frowning, talking, laughing…) is caused by contractions of small muscles under the skin. The contraction of these muscles settles over time to form permanent lines and wrinkles. If the skin is dry and thin, these permanent lines will form faster if you use too much gesture.

Botox, injection in the area of ​​the nerve block by blocking the passage of "muscle contraction" by providing skin tension here. But this is not an irreversible effect on the muscles. With the body's ability to heal itself, it creates new nerve pathways, and the effect of botox is therefore eliminated.

Botox can be started in the 20s. But there is no rule that you should start at this age. You should start if your wrinkles started while you are not gesturing at rest. It is especially used for the treatment of wrinkles on the face and neck. It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding.

If you are considering taking botox treatment, you should share your expectations and concerns about this treatment with your doctor. Your doctor will share with you the results you will get with this treatment so that the treatment will be successful. The treatment of each patient is planned according to his own muscle structure and skin characteristics.

Considering the muscle structure of the person determined by the very fine-tipped needles of small doses of injection is applied to the wrinkle points. Treatment usually lasts for 10-15 minutes and minimal discomfort is felt during administration. The drug is effective only in the injected area and does not interfere with the general circulation. The expected effect will begin within two weeks of application.

Botox is very good results in the beginning of the line, while the treatment of more established lines alone botox is not enough injection of fillers, laser and peeling treatments are required. Therefore, more successful and natural results can be achieved with early treatment.

What is Gummy Smile Botox?

Gummy smile is an important problem that disrupts facial aesthetics characterized by excessive gingival appearance when smiling and / or talking. A balanced and expressive smile that is compatible with the facial structures plays an accepting role in interpersonal relationships in society. A non-aesthetic smile, by contrast, can create individuals with little self-confidence, shy, withdrawn and psychologically affected.

Gummy smile causes; - Undesirable positions of the teeth in the upper jawbone, - unwanted positions of teeth, - abnormal increase in perpendicular size of the upper jawbone - hyperfunction of the muscles that move the lips upwards Detecting the cause factor is critical to the correct, clear and lasting treatment.

Treatment options; -The incisors can be corrected with orthodontic treatment in cases caused by unwanted position of the teeth. - Periodontological approaches to gingival problems and interventions to the gingival neck are another option. - Jaw surgery (le Fort 1 osteotomy) is another alternative for the problems of vertical size of the upper jaw. - In case of muscle problems, there are complicated mixed surgical techniques to be performed in the related lip and surrounding muscle system.

Of these alternatives, the most commonly applied and the side effects can be obtained immediately in a way; botulinum toxin (botox) injection into the related muscle group. With this application, it is possible to have less visible gums by weakening the function of the muscles that pull the lips upwards.

What is Micro-Botox Skin Rejuvenation?

MICRO BOTOKS, unlike the classic botox treatment that paralyzes facial mimic muscles, provides rejuvenation by acting on smooth muscles under the skin. Micro Botox, unlike conventional botox, can be applied to all face, neck and décolleté regions. The mean duration of action is 3-4 months.

Its primary purpose is to tighten the skin and treat fine wrinkles. However, this should not be considered as a face lift surgery; in other words, it is not an alternative to face lift.

In addition to this, unlike the classic botox, it reduces the severity of facial acne scars. Another very important benefit is that it reduces the secretion of fat in the face, thus providing additional benefits such as acne formation, stopping hair loss. While doing all these benefits, it refreshes and rejuvenates the face; reduces pores; it also preserves the natural facial appearance by not paralyzing the mimic muscles.

Micro botox, intradermally called botox, which is made into the skin, targets muscles called ektör erector battery layan that adjusts the pores in the skin. When these muscles are affected, the diameter of the pores narrows, thus reducing the surface area of ​​the skin and creating a stretching effect on the skin.

Classical botox injections are made deeply to paralyz the mimic muscles, while intradermal botox is applied to the surface. Very fine needles are injected into the face, neck and décolleté areas as needed. Botox injection is very dilute unlike conventional botox. In this way, the neck-jaw angle region and the vertical bands in the neck, which are not normally used, are also included in the treatment indication.

Both men and women, especially from the middle age on their faces, "antiaging" methods should begin to apply one. Intradermal botox has recently become the most preferred of these methods. Instead of anti-aging creams or solutions, which are spent on a heap of negligible budgets, a process of 15-30 minutes separated every 4 months should be more effective and more preferable.

What is Masseter Botox?

Masseter botox is a procedure used in bruising to thin the lower part of the face with the masseter muscle.

In bruxism, tempoaramandibular, ie jaw joint and teeth, jaw bones are damaged in time. Although dental treatments and the use of a night bite plate protect the teeth, it is essential to reduce clenching to prevent joint damage. The use of muscle relaxants in stressful periods may be added to the treatment. It is useful to have these patients in psychiatric control.

The masseter muscle may be overdeveloped or familial due to clenching. This leads to unwanted square appearances in women. The aesthetic figure that is accepted in women is Vshape.

Massetter botox is used for the treatment of dental deformities, while deformity of the lower face is targeted. A more proportional face shape is obtained by reducing the square face shape, which causes a masculine and stiff appearance on the face. Masseter muscle being too big can cause discomfort not only aesthetically but also physically. Therefore, this procedure is also applied in some cases to offer treatment both formally and functionally.

The ideal jaw shape varies greatly between men and women. Square face shape provides a strong expression in men, while women's thin face shape provides a softer and more aesthetic appearance. Especially women with a round or square face apply masseter botox to have a softer and more attractive appearance.

Surgical techniques and jaw reduction surgery instead of non-surgical botox treatment is a safer and effective technique to narrow the lower face width. Botox, reshaping the face also provides a new option as a non-surgical technique. Masseter botox offers a chance to change the face shape by thinning the jaw with no scars, painless, zero swelling and stitch marks.

Masseter reduction / V-line botox jaw can be thinned and reduced. Round and square face shapes are used to transform triangles, oval or heart shapes.

Masseter botox does not pose a risk of pain, pain or bruising. Many patients come for lunch at lunch break and can then continue to work immediately. In general, the masseter muscle is softened in 1-2 weeks and the new jaw shape can be seen after 6 weeks. Research shows that there are “long-term changes ç in the jaw strip after 2-3 treatments. Masseter botox provides long lasting, aesthetic and symmetrical results.

Botox In Migraine Treatment

Although Botox is a medicine that is mostly mentioned in aesthetic fields, it is widely used in medicine for the treatment of many diseases.

The effectiveness and safety of botox has been proven in headache, especially in migraine, with numerous studies conducted for about fifteen years and published in reputable medical journals. In many studies, botox treatment affects the quality of life much less than drug treatment, it is used safely in the USA and many European countries, and even in terms of cost-effectiveness when considering the factors such as duration of treatment by the health insurances and the state, loss of workforce of the patient. it is now known that it is advantageous. It was approved by the FDA in 2010 for the treatment of chronic migraine.

Migraine effect; Botox, which is realized by reducing and preventing the development of pain mechanisms, performs this effect by reducing the activity of the centers producing pain through the nerve cell.

Efficacy and applicability of botox even in children has been shown in studies. In terms of practice, the patients are most curious about whether their lives will burn. With local tropical anesthesia performed before, very thin needles are used and almost no pain is felt during this application. Botox treatment has less side effects than drug treatment. The patient can also return to his / her daily life immediately after the application.

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