Lipolysis is an effective local slimming, regional fat dissolving method. Phosphatidyl choline obtained from soy is used in the application. Formerly in the form of different compounds (compounds prepared with lineloic and oleic acid) mesotherapy cocktails are used in very small amounts, while lipotherapy is applied in pure and large quantities.

In addition to some tissue revitalizing and blood flow enhancing agents, auxiliary agents vary depending on whether the tissue is hard or soft, flaccid or fit. It is a very effective treatment because it has close results to liposuction when appropriate patient is selected.

Phosphatidyl choline has been used for approximately 10 years at high doses, lowering cholesterol, helping to control blood pressure, and intravenous administration in paralyzed patients for similar purposes. It is therefore an FDA-approved active substance with proven efficacy and safety. It is a phosphoglyceride found in most cell membranes of advanced organisms.

As it shows its effect by increasing the fluidity and permeability of the fat cell membrane, it facilitates the exit of the ipidic composition out of the cell. As a result, the fat cell to normal size, even by removing the fat cell shows the effect.

Lipotherapy is used in fat-related deformities, cellulite treatment, gynecomastia, lipoma and fat around the eyes, detention bagging. It has been effective in the elimination of fats in custody called cholesterol deposits for about five years. It can also be used in the treatment of deformities that may occur after surgical removal of fat. It is especially effective in eliminating the appearance of orange peel caused by cellulite. It is also used in the treatment of men's back fat deposits.

Lipolysis can reduce food, fat under the chin or bags under custody in addition to body fat. Liposuction is also very effective in the armpit area, which is difficult to perform. It can also be applied on the arms, abdomen, waist, hips, hips and legs. The results are long-lasting as long as balanced nutrition is exercised and supported by exercise.

How many sessions of lipolysis will be successful depends on the person's weight, age and the amount of fat in the body. Generally, at least two to four sessions should be applied to problem areas. 80 percent of patients notice a change in their body after the second session. After each session, the body self-resolves fat wastes dissolved naturally. In very frequent applications, total fat loss may occur. It is also possible to overcome the effect you want to achieve in high dose applications. By observing the effect, it is applied at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

It was observed that the effect started to be seen after the third week and continued to peak after 6 weeks. It is possible to see the actual effect after the second session. After this time, patients can observe that thinning is also noticed from the environment. Although the number of sessions is planned as 4–8, it is determined by the amount of drug used and the size of the target fat mass. The amount of dose to be administered in one session is also clear.

Who's Not Suitable?

For patients younger than 18,

To pregnant or breastfeeding women,

To diabetics,

To cancer patients,

Patients with hepatic or renal impairment, patients with an existing infection,

For those with drug allergies.

This treatment method can eliminate body fat deposits without causing loosening of the skin. Because it increases the fat burning in natural ways. The expected cosmetic results are between 4 and 8 sessions.

Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that breaks down fat accumulation in the diet-resistant areas of the body and removes it from the body. In other words, it is a vacuum extraction operation from certain parts of the body. It is usually applied to abdomen, hip, thigh, arm, male breast and neck. Liposuction thin and reshape specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits and shaping the lines. It is performed with general or local anesthesia. If the person is suitable for this surgical procedure and follows the doctor's instructions before and after, it is a smooth operation. Nevertheless, liposuction should not be rushed and surgery should be decided after thorough investigation. Because liposuction is not a slimming method, it is a body shaping technique. Liposuction is a very accurate technique if you have structural fat deposits that do not become thin despite losing weight. Those who have a body mass index (weight / height²) above normal should first lose weight and come to normal limits and then think about this surgery.

Regional Thinning with Mesotherapy

Today, with or without device, all regional thinning methods are intended for body shaping and weight loss is not targeted. The ideal candidate for these methods is those who have the appropriate height to weight ratio, but still have regional fat accumulation. For example, no matter how much weight is given, the proportion of women without proportional thinning is very high in the basin area. Regional slimming methods give a good result.

One of the most commonly used methods for regional thinning mesotherapy or injection lipolysis method known as. In this method, substances such as soy lecithin, bile acid, carnitine, caffeine, which have fat burning feature, are mixed in special proportions and injected into fat tissue. It is made into small injections with several centimeter intervals. The needles are very thin and the application is comfortable.

Depending on the person's problem, the application can be applied twice a week to once a week. This may require 4-10 sessions.

Needles used in the treatment of slimming with mesotherapy does not cause significant pain in the region where it is applied. Needles used in mesotherapy are felt only as small fly bites on the skin. If the person tends to lose weight during the process of mesotherapy, very fast thinning can be achieved in the treated area. Conversely, if weight gain is achieved during the procedure, the results may be less than expected. So it is very important that the patient does not gain weight during this process.

Mesotherapy treatment is beyond the purpose of slimming; antiaging, wrinkle removal, skin imperfections, skin tightening, cellulite removal, hair loss prevention, joint disorders are also applied in the areas of removal. Mesotherapy treatment can be applied to many areas in the area of slimming. Mesotherapy can be easily applied to the more prone areas of fat, such as abdomen, arms, side bagels, legs, knees, back and basin. Mesotherapy treatment is not recommended for heart patients, pregnant women, diabetes and kidney patients.

In cases where it is desired to increase the effect of slimming with mesotherapy, an appropriate diet should be written and regular sports should be done every day. Under these conditions, the attenuation effect of mesotherapy will increase. In addition, the first 8 hours after the mesotherapy application, if the person is in a vertical position and, if possible, a mixture of drugs applied in mesotherapy causes faster fat burning in the targeted area.

Mesotherapy can be combined with devices used for regional thinning. The result will be better.

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