Skin Rejuvenation

Women want their skin to be smooth and new. Because people look at each other's faces as they walk out. Even when you speak simply, you look at the face of the person in front of you. In the past, things like that were not a problem in advance. Because the faces didn't exactly appear. But today, our skin looks good and healthy is one of the most important beauty criteria. The solutions that women resort to in this respect vary. Some use creams. Some of them make up and some of them try to renew their skin with natural mixtures. The other part tries to be treated with various skin regenerative methods with the help of doctors.

Make-up is important and an option, of course, but not as successful as the skin itself looks beautiful because it is healthy. If our skin is healthy and beautiful, we can choose to do make-up rather than daily life, when necessary. It is very difficult to completely eliminate the problems on the skin by applying make-up. Makeup on a good quality skin will be better.

One of these methods is to use cleansers, creams, antioxidants, preservatives etc. applied on the skin. Daily care and skin care products are important and necessary but may not be enough alone. That's why skin renewal, skin rejuvenation and so on. applications such as healthy skin can reach. A variety of techniques are available for this.

Skin cleansing - daily and monthly skin care

Laser skin rejuvenation,

Botox skin rejuvenation,

Skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid fillings,

Skin rejuvenation with dermapen needling,

Skin rejuvenation with mesotherapies,

Fibrocell stem cell method with skin rejuvenation,

Skin rejuvenation with prp,

Skin rejuvenation with radiofrequency gold needle method .

You can reach your dream skin. Let's talk about these shortly.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

According to our research, it is called rejuvenation with friction CO2 laser. With the effect of environmental factors and time, our skin no longer wrinkles day by day. That's why laser treatment. Deformed skin layer is removed and you have a brand new face.

What is PRP Treatment?

PRP (platelet rich plasma) refers to blood rich from platelet / platelet cells. Platelet cells and plasma rich in growth factors are used in PRP administration.

PRP treatment is used for wrinkles, blemishes, acne and scars, skin cracks and hair loss. PRP can be used alone or in combination with other regenerating skin for sagging, wrinkles, scars, acne scars and hair treatments that require skin regeneration. Plasma obtained in the treatment of PRP is applied with the help of tiny needles in the problem area of the skin. Treatments such as radiofrequency gold needle, dermapen needling, peeling and laser can be applied together with PRP. In this way, PRP is easily absorbed through the opened pores. Combined use accelerates the treatment process and promotes permanent results.

PRP therapy is not a stem cell therapy. PRP treatment increases the number of platelets that initiate the whole process. After the application, the fibrin networks formed on the skin also work with the stem cells indirectly by gathering the stem cells in the environment into their structure. Therefore, when the skin is treated with PRP, the process of skin repair and regeneration is triggered.

In PRP treatment, blood is taken from the person and placed in special tubes. The special tubes are placed in a high speed rotating centrifuge. The centrifuge must rotate at a certain speed and time to obtain plasma rich from platelet cells.

Those who have cancer history, autoimmune disease, blood thinners, blood disease, those with blood disease, infection and inflammation in the area to be applied, pregnant and breastfeeding is not applied.

PRP treatment is based on the skin's self-renewal, so it is wrong to expect immediate treatment results. The results of PRP treatment appear after the second or third session. After PRP treatment, skin tightening and sagging are reduced, wrinkles are alleviated, skin spots are illuminated, skin color is bright and scars are reduced. After the scalp application, there is an increase in the thickness of the hair and a thickening of the areas seen rarely.

As PRP treatment is completely personal, no side effects are expected. Allergy risk is low.

After PRP application, the person can resume normal life. There are no images that affect the work and social life. In some cases, small and temporary bruises and redness may occur depending on the needles used in the application. Applying ice compresses after the procedure alleviates this side effect.

PRP laser, radiofrequency, light treatments and mesotherapy can be applied together with such methods. After such procedures, the use of PRP in the form of serum can increase the effectiveness of these methods and shorten the recovery times.

Skin Rejuvenation With Stem Cells

Stem cells are, in their simplest terms, regenerating, repairing, rejuvenating cells that can differentiate into other specialized cells such as skin, connective tissue, muscle, etc. They are the main cell types that make up all tissues and organs that have the ability to renew themselves. The regeneration and repair of cells and tissues in adults is provided by stem cells. The aim of the methods to reverse the aging process with stem cells is to accelerate the regeneration, rejuvenation and repair of the enriched stem cells by injecting them into the worn tissue.

One of the richest places of our own stem cells in our body is subcutaneous fat do-bird (adipose tissue). An average of 20-30 million stem cells can be obtained by subcutaneous adipose tissue. Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is the liquid rich in stem cells obtained after the separation of the fat taken from subcutaneous adipose tissue by special medical procedures under laboratory conditions. In the simplest terms, SVF Treatment is the transfer of fat-rich fluid from stem cells. SVF fluid contains a large number of viable stem cells and regenerative, regenerating, rejuvenating and repairing cells.

SVF treatment with cells taken to rejuvenate, revitalize the desired areas (face, eye area, neck, décolleté area, back of the hand or where we want to rejuvenate and regenerate) where the procedure is performed. In addition, acne scars and depressions, removal of various scars or burns, treatment of chronic wounds, hair strengthening and skin cracks are used. Stem cell injections to the skin are safe because they are our own cells, allergy tissue rejection, hypersensitivity reaction, the advantages of non-infection, as well as the risk of scarring, proven effect, long-lasting, renewable and rejuvenating effect of the application and unlimited application number of replicates of the SVF obtained from our own adipose tissue rich region of the skin before the desired region-re injection of microchannels in the skin by opening the deeper and more effective stem cell penetration provides the ideal result.

When there is injury somewhere in the body, doku chemokine kimyasal chemicals are released in the damaged tissue. Stem cells are highly sensitive to chemokine. Stem cells that detect chemokine in the damaged tissue quickly go to the damage site and perform repair and renewal in that region. It is performing. Within 2-3 weeks after the procedure, it is expected to have a more vivid, brighter, healthier and younger looking skin structure.

In order to produce SVF, one cup of fat (ie 50-200 cc) must be taken from the patient. For this purpose, by using special cannulas, under local anesthesia, under sterile conditions, a sufficient amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue (adipose tissue) is taken from the abdomen, waist or hip by the aesthetic surgery specialist. Since the amount of fat taken is quite small compared to the body structure, it does not cause any esthetic problem in the body.

This adipose tissue is subjected to certain medical procedures under laboratory conditions and separated from the stem cells into SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction). At the end of the process, approximately 10 cc stem cell rich, concentrated SVF fluid is obtained. The resulting stem cell-rich SVF fluid is applied immediately, without delay, by the injection method by the attending physician to the subject's face requiring treatment or any other desired skin area. There is no risk of allergy or rejection because the patient's own cells are used only from their adipose tissue.

SVF treatment with cells taken to rejuvenate, revitalize the desired areas (face, eye area, neck, décolleté area, back of the hand or where we want to rejuvenate and regenerate) where the procedure is performed. Apart from these, it can be used for the removal of age spots, acne scars, various scars or burn scars or applied to the scalp to strengthen the hair. Stem cell injections to the skin are safe due to our own cells, allergy tissue rejection, hypersensitivity reaction, the advantages of non-infection, as well as the risk of scarring, proven efficacy, long-lasting, renewable and rejuvenating effect, easy to apply and The greatest advantages are that the application can be repeated an unlimited number. Stem cell rich SVF obtained from our own adipose tissue gives the ideal result by opening microchannels on the skin before injection to the desired areas and providing deeper and more effective stem cell penetration.

Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection)

Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection), a piece of tissue taken from the back of the person with a biopsy needle in the laboratory environment to decompose the skin and nourish the basic substance of the collagen that provides the synthesis of fibroplast cells is a method of cellular treatment provided by injecting the required areas. . In other words, it is the application of externally presenting more intense and powerful treatment of fibroplast cells which are already present in the body and loaded with skin renewing properties.

How to Apply Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection)

Fibroplast replication is performed in the laboratory with the tissue piece taken from the back of the person within 3 - 4 weeks and the cell content to be used in the application becomes ready. Cell fluid obtained from one's own cells, which does not contain any other medical material, is injected into the areas where Fibrocell application will be performed in accordance with the expectations of the physician and the physician's determinations (see Mesotherapy) (See PRP).

Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection) Application in Which Areas Benefit?

For skin wrinkles, interventions

In the treatment of cracks in the body due to rapid weight gain or pregnancy,

For the removal of scars and burns in the body,

To make the skin brighter, more vibrant and firmer,

How Long Does Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection) Application Last and How Many Times?

The injection of Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection) does not take long. A second session is carried out 6 weeks after the first session, and a third session is completed by 4 weeks after the second session. The initial effective results of the application are achieved within the first three months and reach the highest level after the sixth month. The overall effect of Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection) application lasts up to 4-5 years.

Is Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection) Painful?

The application is not painful since local anesthesia is applied in the application of the fibroplast content obtained during the tissue collection behind the ear and after the laboratory process with minimal injection method.

Are There Side Effects and Risks of Fibrocell Injection?

As the application is carried out with cells from the tissue taken from the person, the risk of allergy is reduced.

After the application, temporary redness may occur in the treated area.

Although aesthetic purposes are carried out for the application of Fibrocell (Fibroplast Injection) is a medical procedure and must be remembered by specialists and experienced physicians must be performed. This is an important condition both in the identification and prevention of risk factors and in the success of the application.

Moisture Support with Hyaluronic Acid

Most people complain of skin dryness and moisture loss during seasonal changes. The skin, which loses its natural moisture rate, starts to show wrinkle problems with volume loss over time. Struggle to protect skin health and beauty. In this case, the skin needs moisture replenishment. In this case, the moisture vaccine that works by holding water on the skin and triggering collagen synthesis runs to the aid of people.

Skin vaccination guarantees both health and vitality of the skin with both immediate and long-term effects. With materials that mimic the skin's barrier to water loss, the moisture vaccine helps the skin regain its moisture while supporting its “natural moisturizing factor”.

N-acetyl glucosamine is found in natural skin and is used to make hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture, because the tissues can have the moisture it needs because of their hydrophilic nature, that is to say, they like water. The content of the moisture vaccine helps raise the level of hyaluronic acid, so that the skin can resist vital hydration, help build natural moisture factor barriers and make wrinkles less visible. With all these features, it can successfully provide the necessary treatment support for skin health.

The complexes in the formula of the moisture vaccine combine with hydrating (water-loving molecules) to keep the skin hydrated. This exhibits the properties of a natural moisturizing factor that combines amino acids, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol and fatty acids.

Moisture loss of the skin dry by creating an uncomfortable feeling of tension in the skin, as well as skin dull, colorless, wrinkle and flaky stops. Moisture vaccine softens the skin by preventing moisture loss of the skin, reduces the feeling of itchy tension, the skin regains its natural color by gaining vitality.

With its special content containing hyaluronic acid, it provides a silky smoothness and moist appearance by repairing and significantly moistening the barrier system necessary to prevent moisture loss of the skin.

Moisture filling or moisture vaccine is a non-surgical aesthetic surgery technique. Moisture vaccine is applied to the skin with a process that takes about 15-20 minutes. A few days after the procedure the results begin to appear and the healing continues for about 3 weeks. Although it varies according to skin structure, it maintains its effect for 6-9 months. As the effect of the moisture vaccine passes, the skin begins to return to its dry, lifeless and wrinkled appearance. Depending on the preference of the person, the moisture vaccine must be repeated at the end of this period.

Peptide Vaccine (TB500)

Peptide vaccine which is a technological product developed in recent years is produced by Korean company Caregen. There are growth factors and biomimetic peptides in the product. The growth factor enables regeneration of subcutaneous tissues. Biomimetic peptides, on the other hand, cause enzymatic processes to make new collagen and elastic fibers and melt fat tissue.

Peptide vaccine is used in the detention area for depression, bruising and wrinkle problems. The peptide vaccine is also used in custody bagging and in reducing the size of the food. Peptide vaccine is applied to face, neck and décolleté to renew skin.

Peptide vaccine is administered to the skin in the form of injections. Usually 2-4 sessions should be applied with 2 weeks intervals.

Slight bruising, redness and swelling may occur at the site of administration after peptide vaccine administration. All effects are completely eliminated in 3-5 days, no lasting side effects.

Youth Vaccine with Salmon DNA

Youth Vaccine is a patented serum that is found naturally in our body but decreases with aging and has the basic amino acid content such as Glicine, L proline, L Lysine, L Leusin.

Youth Vaccination Application Which Areas?

It can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté areas to renew, moisturize and revitalize the skin.

What are the Benefits of Youth Vaccination?

The essential amino acids and vitamins contained in the skin needs to provide moisture, revitalize the skin, improve skin quality, loss of elasticity and sagging of the skin is used to support the reduction. It contributes to the resumption of collagen synthesis and helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin sagging and relaxation.

What is the Duration and Stages of Youth Vaccination?

When starting the application; The area to be applied is anesthetized by applying local anesthetic cream and cleaned with special antiseptic liquid. The procedure is applied as microinjection into the skin with the help of 2-4 mm micro needles. Application is done with manual or mesotherapy gun. The number of injections to be administered varies depending on the patient, the disease and the size of the area to be treated. It varies according to the application area and skin type. It lasts 2-6 sessions on average (the number of sessions can be increased if necessary). Session intervals are minimum 7 days. Application session times are approximately 30-45 minutes.

Who Should Youth Vaccine Application Be Unusual?

Youth serum does not apply to patients with active wounds or infections, facial paralysis, cancer patients, diabetic patients, blood clotting problems, and heart patients requiring multiple drug treatment and problems that may interfere with the application of youth serum. In herpes (herpes) areas, precancerosis is not performed in patients with skin lesions. Pregnant women can be administered with the written consent of a specialist. In case there is no guardian besides the ones under the age of 18, the procedure is not performed.

What to Consider Before and After Youth Vaccination?

Aspirin, blood thinners, alcohol should not be used before the procedure. Creams containing glycolic acid should not be used until 1 week before the procedure and skin peeling procedures such as peeling and peeling should not be performed. Application is recommended to come without makeup. Do not touch the application area. Shower should not be taken for one day after application. Peeling, exfoliating applications such as peeling the skin should not be done, sun protection and recommended creams should be used.

What are the Side Effects of Youth Vaccination?

There is no harm to the person's daily life after the procedure. Side effects (redness, bleeding, bruising, allergic reaction, burning, pruritus, edema) that may be encountered pass within 5-7 days. In the event of complications, the healing process may vary depending on the skin type of the person.

Secret Radiofrequency Gold Needle

Golden Needle Radiofrequency, monopolar head and micro needle radiofrequency (RF) head is a multi-RF system used in the aesthetic field of the device combination. The MTR (Micro Needle Therapy) has 25 needles with a thickness of 0.3 mm. It is a method of transmitting radiofrequency energy which has been known for many years to the lower layer of the skin with the help of these needles. With this energy reaching under the skin, it is aimed to produce new collagen in tissues or to repair the old problematic collagen, to reduce stain formation by damaging the pigment cells in the skin, and to reduce sweating in the direction of controlled damage of sweat glands.

What are the Benefits of the Golden Needle?

With the application of collagen production in the skin is increased and elasticity is provided. Thus, wrinkles are removed and recovered. Enlarged pores on skin tighten. Treatment is provided for acne, blemish excessive sweating, crack and wound problems.

Which Regions Can the Golden Needle Apply?

Face, neck, décolleté, arm and leg areas can be applied.

What is the duration and phases of the Golden Needle?

When starting the application; the area to be applied is anesthetized by applying local anesthetic cream. Afterwards, this cream is wiped and the skin is cleaned with antiseptic solutions. Local anesthesia can also be applied if necessary. The micro-needles automatically come into the skin with the adjusted depth when the radio-frequency device's personalized and disposable gold-needle head is brought into contact with the skin. With a large number of gold-tipped micro-needles, it creates fractional micro-holes on the skin and triggers the production of collagen and elastin in the lower layer of the skin only by radio frequency that does not contact the skin sent from the needle tip. If necessary, medication and cream applications are performed during the procedure according to the reason of application. Cold compress is applied at the end of the application. Soothing creams and sunscreen are applied. Treatment applications are planned to be 3 sessions with an average of 15 days intervals. More applications can be done than the problem.

Gold Needle Application For Who Is Inappropriate?

It is not applied to people with pacemakers, injured or infected areas, blood clotting problems, epilepsy patients, pregnant people.

What to Consider Before and After the Golden Needle?

Aspirin, blood thinners, alcoholic beverages should not be used before the procedure. Application is recommended to come without makeup. The skin should be protected from the sun for 15 days after application and should not be exposed to water for 24 hours. Skin peeling procedures such as sac-peeling should not be performed during the first week after application. Glycolic acid containing creams should not be applied.

What are the Side Effects of Golden Needle Application?

Secret Gold Needle side effects that may occur after the redness, swelling, small bleeding and edema at the needle entry site.

Aquheeling Skin Care Technic

AquaPeel acne, spot and wrinkle care without surgical intervention and chemical peels, without injecting any substance under the skin says that the extremely successful results Dermatology Specialist. Ersin Demiray Kaplan stated that AquaPeel is a medical skin care system that uses water pressure and vacuum power. Kaplan gave information about the new AquaPeel care that deeply cleanses the skin.

How is the application done?

According to the desired effect on the skin, ready solutions are gradually delivered to the skin under pressure while simultaneously withdrawing from the skin with the effect of vacuum. With this technology, it is aimed to remove the dead skin on the skin, open the pores and disinfect the lower layers of the skin and make better use of the products used for the care of the skin. AquaPee, which provides cleaning, peeling, extraction, hydration and antioxidant effect at one time, is a non-surgical, non-injectable procedure and causes any discomfort to the person.

What does AquaPeel do?

With AquaPeel application, the skin is renewed and rejuvenated, visible wrinkles, pigmentations, acne and more are removed, clogged pores and rough skin heals immediately.

Skin Rejuvenation With Dermapen (Controlled Skin Needling)

Skin rejuvenation with dermapen is a medical aesthetic application that enables the skin to be restructured by triggering the mechanisms of collagen and elastin synthesis, which are natural processes of the person's body. With this application, without a surgical intervention, the skin is aimed to be young, vigorous, bright and taut. The dermapen treatment system, which is based on the principle of controlled destruction of the skin, has been selected as the best skin rejuvenation system in the USA. The aim of the procedure is to stimulate tissue repair and collagen production by creating controlled damage under the skin. A controlled damage to the skin is generated to collect all the good cells and activate tissue healing.

How to Apply Dermapen

Facial cleansing before dermapen treatment. Anesthetic cream is applied and the skin is anesthetized. Then the vibrating micro tips are applied on the skin. It is possible to change the precise setting of the Dermapen head according to the application area. During the entry and exit of the micro-needles to the upper skin, the absorption of the skin is much more than normal. Therefore, the efficiency of the process can be further increased by platelet support such as liquid collagen or PRP during the procedure. The dermapen treatment applied to the whole face lasts about 15 minutes. Mild rash is normal but disappears the next day.

What are the domains of dermapen?

Treatment of acne and its scars.

Reduction of enlarged pores.

Treatment of sun-damaged skin.

Hair loss and baldness treatment.

Use of eye and surrounding problems (such as bruises and bagging

For slight wrinkles and sagging in the neck area and décolleté.

Striae treatment (Stretch marks)

Treatment of fine lines and alleviating deep wrinkles.

Scar (Bad wound healing) treatments.

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